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3-Day Split

If you started working out before the flood of fitness education the Internet has brought, a split is probably how you started! And for good reason, the 3-Day Split is a simple program that will get you into the habit of going to the gym as it is very convenient to follow.

Some tips on following the 3-Day Split program are:

  •  Keep the rests minimal to maintain a high intensity- Generally a particular muscle group will recover in 2 to 3 days, so in a 3-Day Split, you’re giving each muscle group more than ample time to be hit really hard at the gym. Take advantage of this and keep the intensity high!
  • Go heavy on the core lift- Each workout is designed to have one core lift with complimentary exercises added on with higher reps. Feel free to add on more accessory exercises as you see fit by tapping “Add Exercise” within the app!

Open up these links below on your iOS device to get the routines loaded up in Strong:

Push (Tap on Mobile) – Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Tricep Extension

Pull (Tap on Mobile) – Deadlift, Pull Up, Bicep Curls

Legs (Tap on Mobile) – Squat, Romanian Deadlift, Leg Extension, Calf Raise

*Currently these links only work if you tap them on your iOS mobile phone. Android is coming soon! Get the app here:

Sources Used and Suggested

Here are some great resources we read up on to create this page. We have tried to keep it brief as best we could, so we encourage you to read more if you’ve decided to try this program!

Really informative post on 3-Day Splits! – http://bodybuildingindex.com/3-day-split-workout-for-gaining-muscle-mass/

A couple variations you can also use – https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wotw21.htm

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