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Reverse Pyramid Training

For those of you who want to increase strength and muscle mass, let’s reverse conventional training methods for a second. Reverse Pyramid Training is all about performing your heaviest set first while your arms are still fresh. From there, lighten up the weights but perform more reps for the rest of your sets. This training method is beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifter-friendly. The psychology and physiology behind this training method will have you striving for PR’s every week.

Some tips on following the Reverse Pyramid Training program are:

  • Take long rest periods in between sets – Take around 2-3 minutes of rest in between sets
  • Warm Up- Remember you still have to warm up for your heavy set.

Open up these links below on your iOS device to get the routines loaded up in Strong:

RPT Day 1 (Monday) – Deadlift, Weighted Chin-ups

RPT Day  (Wednesday) – Bench Press, Push-ups

RPT Day 3 (Friday) – Squat, Overhead Press

*Currently these links only work if you tap them on your iOS mobile phone. Android is coming soon! Get the app here:

Sources Used and Suggested

Here are some great resources we read up on to create this page. We have tried to keep it brief as best we could, so we encourage you to read more if you’ve decided to try this program!

RPT Explained in Detail Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T-kpxGDHKQ 

Benefits and Mistakes of RPT- https://kinobody.com/workouts-and-exercises/reverse-pyramid-training/

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